Interface XmlString

All Superinterfaces:
XmlAnySimpleType, XmlObject, XmlTokenSource
All Known Subinterfaces:
XmlENTITY, XmlID, XmlIDREF, XmlLanguage, XmlName, XmlNCName, XmlNMTOKEN, XmlNormalizedString, XmlToken
All Known Implementing Classes:
XmlEntityImpl, XmlIdImpl, XmlIdRefImpl, XmlLanguageImpl, XmlNameImpl, XmlNCNameImpl, XmlNmTokenImpl, XmlNormalizedStringImpl, XmlStringEnumeration, XmlStringImpl, XmlStringRestriction, XmlTokenImpl

public interface XmlString
extends XmlAnySimpleType
Corresponds to the XML Schema xs:string type.

A basic string in XML schema is not whitespace normalized. If you want your string type to be insensitive to variations in runs of whitespace, consider using xs:token (aka XmlToken) instead. To forbid whitespace and permit just alphanumeric and other common identifier characters consider xs:NMTOKEN (aka XmlNMTOKEN) instead.

Convertible to String.