Interface XmlNormalizedString

All Superinterfaces:
XmlAnySimpleType, XmlObject, XmlString, XmlTokenSource
All Known Subinterfaces:
XmlENTITY, XmlID, XmlIDREF, XmlLanguage, XmlName, XmlNCName, XmlNMTOKEN, XmlToken
All Known Implementing Classes:
XmlEntityImpl, XmlIdImpl, XmlIdRefImpl, XmlLanguageImpl, XmlNameImpl, XmlNCNameImpl, XmlNmTokenImpl, XmlNormalizedStringImpl, XmlTokenImpl

public interface XmlNormalizedString
extends XmlString
Corresponds to the XML Schema xs:normalizedString type. One of the derived types based on xs:string.

An normalizedString simply is a string where all the carriage return, linefeed, and tab characters have been normalized (switched to) ordinary space characters. Use normalizedString for long strings to make them insensitive to line breaking. If you wish to often be insensitive to runs of whitespace (as is often the case), use xs:token (aka XmlToken) instead.

Convertible to String. When obtaining the stringValue, the whitespace-normalized value is returned.