Interface Node

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Detail, DetailEntry, SOAPBody, SOAPBodyElement, SOAPElement, SOAPEnvelope, SOAPFault, SOAPFaultElement, SOAPHeader, SOAPHeaderElement, Text

public interface Node
extends Node
A representation of a node (element) in a DOM representation of an XML document that provides some tree manipulation methods. This interface provides methods for getting the value of a node, for getting and setting the parent of a node, and for removing a node.
  • Method Details

    • getValue

      String getValue()
      Returns the the value of the immediate child of this Node object if a child exists and its value is text.
      a String with the text of the immediate child of this Node object if (1) there is a child and (2) the child is a Text object; null otherwise
    • setParentElement

      void setParentElement​(SOAPElement parent) throws SOAPException
      Sets the parent of this Node object to the given SOAPElement object.
      parent - the SOAPElement object to be set as the parent of this Node object
      SOAPException - if there is a problem in setting the parent to the given element
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    • getParentElement

      SOAPElement getParentElement()
      Returns the parent element of this Node object. This method can throw an UnsupportedOperationException if the tree is not kept in memory.
      the SOAPElement object that is the parent of this Node object or null if this Node object is root
      UnsupportedOperationException - if the whole tree is not kept in memory
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    • detachNode

      void detachNode()
      Removes this Node object from the tree. Once removed, this node can be garbage collected if there are no application references to it.
    • recycleNode

      void recycleNode()
      Notifies the implementation that this Node object is no longer being used by the application and that the implementation is free to reuse this object for nodes that may be created later.

      Calling the method recycleNode implies that the method detachNode has been called previously.

    • setValue

      void setValue​(String value)
      If this is a Text node then this method will set its value, otherwise it sets the value of the immediate (Text) child of this node. The value of the immediate child of this node can be set only if, there is one child node and that node is a Text node, or if there are no children in which case a child Text node will be created.
      value - the text to set
      IllegalStateException - if the node is not a Text node and either has more than one child node or has a child node that is not a Text node