Interface XmlUnsignedLong

All Superinterfaces:
XmlAnySimpleType, XmlDecimal, XmlInteger, XmlNonNegativeInteger, XmlObject, XmlTokenSource
All Known Subinterfaces:
XmlUnsignedByte, XmlUnsignedInt, XmlUnsignedShort
All Known Implementing Classes:
XmlUnsignedByteImpl, XmlUnsignedIntImpl, XmlUnsignedLongImpl, XmlUnsignedShortImpl

public interface XmlUnsignedLong
extends XmlNonNegativeInteger
Corresponds to the XML Schema xs:unsignedLong type. One of the derived types based on xs:decimal.

Verified to be in the range 0..264-1 when validating.

Convertible to BigInteger.