Interface XmlQName

All Superinterfaces:
XmlAnySimpleType, XmlObject, XmlTokenSource
All Known Implementing Classes:
JavaNotationHolder, JavaNotationHolderEx, XmlNotationImpl, XmlNotationRestriction, XmlQNameImpl, XmlQNameRestriction

public interface XmlQName
extends XmlAnySimpleType
Corresponds to the XML Schema xs:QName type.

A QName is the logical combination of an XML namespace URI and a localName. Although in an XML instance document, a QName appears as "prefix:localName", the logical value of a QName does NOT contain any information about the prefix, only the namespace URI to which the prefix maps. For example, two QNames "a:hello" and "b:hello" are perfectly equivalent if "a:" in the first instance maps to the same URI as "b:" in the second instance.

Convertible to QName.