Interface SchemaProperty

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public interface SchemaProperty
Represents a summary of similar SchemaFields in a complex type.

In a schema type, every element with the same name must have the same type. Therefore, all together, elements with the same name form a coherent collection of similar elements. Similarly, attributes can only be defined once, so each attribute obviously is a coherent group on its own.

A SchemaProperty represents a summary of the the elements with a given name or the attribute with a given name. It represents the summary cardinality of the fields, the summary default and fixed values, and so on. When inferring information about an element or attribute, it is typically easier to consult then SchemaProperty than to hunt for the exact SchemaField in the particle tree or attribute model.

See Also:
SchemaType.getProperties(), SchemaType.getAttributeProperties(), SchemaType.getElementProperties(), SchemaType.getAttributeProperty(javax.xml.namespace.QName), SchemaType.getElementProperty(javax.xml.namespace.QName)