Class SOAPConnection


public abstract class SOAPConnection
extends Object
A point-to-point connection that a client can use for sending messages directly to a remote party (represented by a URL, for instance).

A client can obtain a SOAPConnection object simply by calling the following static method.

      SOAPConnection con = SOAPConnection.newInstance();
A SOAPConnection object can be used to send messages directly to a URL following the request/response paradigm. That is, messages are sent using the method call, which sends the message and then waits until it gets a reply.
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    • call

      public abstract SOAPMessage call​(SOAPMessage request, Object endpoint) throws SOAPException
      Sends the given message to the specified endpoint and blocks until it has returned the response.
      request - the SOAPMessage object to be sent
      endpoint - an Object that identifies where the message should be sent. It is required to support Objects of type java.lang.String,, and when JAXM is present javax.xml.messaging.URLEndpoint
      the SOAPMessage object that is the response to the message that was sent
      SOAPException - if there is a SOAP error
    • close

      public abstract void close() throws SOAPException
      Closes this SOAPConnection object.
      SOAPException - if there is a SOAP error