Class StscChecker


public class StscChecker
extends Object
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    • checkAll

      public static void checkAll()
    • checkFields

      public static void checkFields​(SchemaTypeImpl sType)
      The following code checks rule #5 of as well as attribute + element default/fixed validity.

      Checks that xs:NOTATION is not used directly

    • checkRestriction

      public static boolean checkRestriction​(SchemaTypeImpl sType)
      The following code only checks rule #5 of (Everything else can and should be done in StscResolver, because we can give more detailed line # info there
    • isParticleValidRestriction

      public static boolean isParticleValidRestriction​(SchemaParticle baseModel, SchemaParticle derivedModel, Collection<XmlError> errors, XmlObject context)
      This function takes in two schema particle types, a baseModel, and a derived model and returns true if the derivedModel can be egitimately be used for restriction. Errors are put into the errors collections.
      baseModel - - The base schema particle
      derivedModel - - The derived (restricted) schema particle
      errors - - Invalid restriction errors are put into this collection
      context - . the context
      boolean, true if valid restruction, false if invalid restriction