Class SchemaTypeVisitorImpl

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public class SchemaTypeVisitorImpl
extends Object
implements TypeStoreVisitor
This state machine validates element order based on a deterministic content model.
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    • init

      public void init​(SchemaParticle part)
    • expand

      public org.apache.xmlbeans.impl.schema.SchemaTypeVisitorImpl.VisitorState[] expand​(org.apache.xmlbeans.impl.schema.SchemaTypeVisitorImpl.VisitorState[] orig)
    • visit

      public boolean visit​(QName eltName)
      Traverses a deterministic content model, checking for validity at any given point. Call visit(null) once at the end if you're checking for complete validity of the sequence of elements. This is a wrapper for the actual visit implementation.
      Specified by:
      visit in interface TypeStoreVisitor
    • visit

      public boolean visit​(QName eltName, boolean testValidity)
      The actual implementation that traverses a deterministic content model, checking for validity at any given point. When testValidity is false then this method will change states if the current state is valid When testValidity is true then this method will not change states and will return if a particular state is valid or invalid
    • testValid

      public boolean testValid​(QName eltName)
    • get_elementflags

      public int get_elementflags()
      Constructs elementflags
      Specified by:
      get_elementflags in interface TypeStoreVisitor
    • get_default_text

      public String get_default_text()
      Returns default text
      Specified by:
      get_default_text in interface TypeStoreVisitor
    • get_schema_field

      public SchemaField get_schema_field()
      Returns the schema field for this field.
      Specified by:
      get_schema_field in interface TypeStoreVisitor
    • currentParticle

      public SchemaParticle currentParticle()
      Returns the current schema element
    • isAllValid

      public boolean isAllValid()
      Returns true if the entire content up to now is valid.