Class XmlOptionCharEscapeMap


public class XmlOptionCharEscapeMap
extends Object
Corresponds to the Saver and XmlOptions.

This class is used to set up a map containing characters to be escaped. Characters can be escaped as hex, decimal or as a predefined entity (this latter option applies only to the 5 characters defined as predefined entities in the XML Spec).

    For example:
          XmlOptionCharEscapeMap escapes = new XmlOptionCharEscapeMap();
          escapes.addMapping('A', XmlOptionCharEscapeMap.HEXADECIMAL);
          escapes.addMapping('B', XmlOptionCharEscapeMap.DECIMAL);
          escapes.addMapping('>', XmlOptionCharEscapeMap.PREDEF_ENTITY);
          XmlOptions opts = new XmlOptions();
          will result in:
          A being printed as A
          B being printed as B
          > being printed as >