Interface SchemaLocalElement

All Superinterfaces:
SchemaAnnotated, SchemaField
All Known Subinterfaces:
All Known Implementing Classes:
SchemaGlobalElementImpl, SchemaLocalElementImpl

public interface SchemaLocalElement
extends SchemaField, SchemaAnnotated
Represents a local or global element definition.
  • Method Details

    • blockExtension

      boolean blockExtension()
      True if extension is blocked.
    • blockRestriction

      boolean blockRestriction()
      True if restriction is blocked.
    • blockSubstitution

      boolean blockSubstitution()
      True if element substitution is blocked.
    • isAbstract

      boolean isAbstract()
      True if this element is prohibited in content. Only sensible if this is the head of a substitution group; then only substitution group members can appear.

      Although local elements cannot be abstract, if an element use is a ref to a global element, then the flag from the global element is copied in to the local element where the use occurs.

    • getIdentityConstraints

      SchemaIdentityConstraint[] getIdentityConstraints()
      Returns all the Key, KeyRef, and Unique constraints on this element.