Interface SchemaComponent

All Known Subinterfaces:
SchemaAnnotation, SchemaAttributeGroup, SchemaGlobalAttribute, SchemaGlobalElement, SchemaIdentityConstraint, SchemaModelGroup, SchemaType
All Known Implementing Classes:
SchemaAnnotationImpl, SchemaAttributeGroupImpl, SchemaGlobalAttributeImpl, SchemaGlobalElementImpl, SchemaIdentityConstraintImpl, SchemaModelGroupImpl, SchemaTypeImpl

public interface SchemaComponent
Represents a global Schema Component. That is, a type, element, attribute, model group, attribute group, or identity constraint.

Note that not all types, elements, and attributes are global; local types, element, and attributes do not appear in the global lookup table. Also note that other information items such as particles, facets, and so on are not globally indexed, so are not SchemaComponents.

See Also:
SchemaType, SchemaGlobalElement, SchemaGlobalAttribute, SchemaAttributeGroup, SchemaModelGroup, SchemaIdentityConstraint