Interface XmlQName

All Superinterfaces:
XmlAnySimpleType, XmlObject, XmlTokenSource

public interface XmlQName
extends XmlAnySimpleType

Corresponds to the XML Schema xs:QName type.

A QName is the logical combination of an XML namespace URI and a localName. Although in an XML instance document, a QName appears as "prefix:localName", the logical value of a QName does NOT contain any information about the prefix, only the namespace URI to which the prefix maps. For example, two QNames "a:hello" and "b:hello" are perfectly equivalent if "a:" in the first instance maps to the same URI as "b:" in the second instance.

Convertible to QName.

Nested Class Summary
static class XmlQName.Factory
          A class with methods for creating instances of XmlQName.
Field Summary
static SchemaType type
          The constant SchemaType object representing this schema type.
Fields inherited from interface org.apache.xmlbeans.XmlObject
Method Summary
 QName getQNameValue()
          Returns this value as a QName
 QName qNameValue()
          Deprecated. replaced with getQNameValue()
 void set(QName name)
          Deprecated. replaced with setQNameValue(javax.xml.namespace.QName)
 void setQNameValue(QName name)
          Sets this value as a QName
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Field Detail


public static final SchemaType type
The constant SchemaType object representing this schema type.

Method Detail


public QName getQNameValue()
Returns this value as a QName


public void setQNameValue(QName name)
Sets this value as a QName


public QName qNameValue()
Deprecated. replaced with getQNameValue()

Returns this value as a QName


public void set(QName name)
Deprecated. replaced with setQNameValue(javax.xml.namespace.QName)

Sets this value as a QName