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XMLBeans Source and Binaries

Current Release

Current release: 2.4.0 released on July 8, 2008.

Latest 1.x maintenance release: 1.0.4 released on Feb. 24th, 2005

XMLBeans 2.x.x is source compatible with version 1. When upgrading, you should recompile XML schemas used in your application.

Binary or source?

Most users will want to download a binary release of XMLBeans. If you're interested in contributing or like to live on the bleeding edge, you may want to compile the source for yourself.

XMLBeans requires JDK 1.4. Last version to work with JDK 1.3 is 1.0.4-jdk1.3 which has not been updated in a while.

Once you've downloaded the distribution or checked out the source, you should:

XMLBeans Binary and Development Kit

Download the latest XMLBeans release from one of the Apache mirrors.

You should verify the integrity of the files that you download. Here are some instructions for verifying the integrity of a downloaded file.

Using XPath/XQuery requires an additional download of saxonb9-0-0-4j.zip and placing on the classpath of the files saxon9.jar and saxon9-dom.jar that it contains. The zip is available here. We cannot distribute this zip in a binary distribution due to licensing issues.

XMLBeans Source

There are a few ways to get the XMLBeans source code. You can download the source for a particular release, browse the source using ViewSVN/CVS, or check the source out from SVN.

Source via ViewSVN/CVS

You can browse the XMLBeans source via ViewSVN/CVS

Source via SVN checkout

In SVN, you will find the actively developed version of XMLBeans under "trunk". There is also a branch for XMLBeans version 1, which is not actively worked on anymore, under "branches/1.x" (only bug fixes). Under "tags" there are a number of tags corresponding to the released versions of XMLBeans, as an alternative to downloading the source distribution (there are additional things like tests, which are not included in the distribution as well).

If you have SVN installed on your machine you can issue the following commands to get XMLBeans source:

# get the version of XMLBeans under development
svn co http://svn.apache.org/repos/asf/xmlbeans/trunk/ xmlbeans

# or, get the 1.x version of XMLBeans
svn co http://svn.apache.org/repos/asf/xmlbeans/branches/1.x/ xmlbeans

# or, just get the samples for XMLBeans
svn co http://svn.apache.org/repos/asf/xmlbeans/trunk/samples/ xmlbeans-samples

Source via Git

Please see the Git at Apache page for details. As of this writing the Git acess is read-only.

Git Clone URL: git://git.apache.org/xmlbeans.git

Http Clone URL: http://git.apache.org/xmlbeans.git

Search and Browse Sources

Grep XMLBeans code with grepcode.

Building XMLBeans

XMLBeans requires that you have Ant installed (1.6.5 works fine).


After the steps above you should see an "xmlbeans" directory (or you can choose a different name in the previous step, of course):

cd xmlbeans\

This will create a build directory containing the executables. The xbean.jar is in the xmlbeans\ar directory. Try ant -projecthelp to see other build options.


Building on Unix or Cygwin is essentially the same as for Windows:

cd xmlbeans/